Illustration #1



Seeing in this way, it was revealed to me that the living room in front of me was just a picture on a screen… I could see the screen which revealed my living room and I could simultaneously see behind me… which was Infinity. I started writing everything down very sloppily and it kept coming on. All I had to do was stop writing and reality would unfold to reveal what is always behind us…the Void.



Illustration #2



Seeing in 360 degrees reminded me of the classic Yin Yang symbol. The white half was the world or universe in front of me and the black half was the Unmanifest behind me. The curving line that unifies the black and the white halves represent the inseparability of the world (in front) and the Unmanifest (behind).




Illustration #3


The design is always the same. You experience yourself as the Subject located ‘back here’ perceiving the world as the object ‘out there’.




Illustration #4

The reason I drew the circle in the first place was to create a space in which I could draw the line through. It is the line itself that is important because it is the line that brings about the only differentiation necessary to create a contrast. In order for there to be an appearance of two, you need contrast. That line is the one differentiation necessary to create this contrast.




Illustration #5



As the inherent power of attraction causes Awareness to fold into itself creating a loop, each loop becomes a focal point for Awareness creating the illusion of a separate and alienated piece of Awareness trying to find its way home.





Illustration #6


The leaf represents the first aspect of the Trinity, the Base or what it is. The slight bending or folding of the leaf would represent the second aspect of the Trinity, the path or what it does. And finally the bended leaf, resulting in half of it being obscured by its own shadow thereby creating the appearance of two where there is truly only one would be the third aspect of the Trinity. The fruit or what it becomes. Creation is the One appearing as the many.




Illustration #7


Let’s go back to my original diagram. I’ll use a simple circle with no line through it to represent undifferentiated Awareness or the base. The addition of the line represents the fold or the path. The resulting sense of you and the world represents the fruit.




Illustration #8




If all there is is God and God is represented by this endless string that creates an endless succession of loops then each loop would be left with the illusion of individuality. Until that loop comes undone, it will see itself as limited and finite.




Illustration #9

I immediately got an image of looking at a diamond and seeing through all of its many facets at the same time. Marc was one facet, Sabrina was another, my wife another, so on and so on. But behind all this phenomena is only I. It is all happening simultaneously to the same Subject which is I. I am the diamond.



Illustration #10



For several months I kept seeing the world that I was looking at as my body. I would be overcome with the strangely familiar sense that the ground was my torso, the houses were my arms and the mountains were my feet.