What Is Triunistic Vision?

Between 2001 and 2002 I experienced three separate spontaneous events, each being a dramatic and profound physical shift in perspective that puts our everyday perception into a greater context. The first experience revealed that there is nothing behind me…. I mean that literally and without reservation. Neither you nor I have never moved an inch throughout our entire life and not for one moment has there nor could there ever be, anything behind you or I.  That is not something that I ever talked about or gave much thought to simply because the profundity of the following  two visions, which I will share in a moment, seemed at the time to render the first vision to be a stepping stone or a preparation for the second and third vision.

The second experience revealed that ‘this is it’. The world that you and I are experiencing is actually the same Aware Space that you are seeking when you pine for God, Heaven, Nirvana, etc. The Aware Space that we are all living from is both the supreme source of all manifestation as well as the capacity for that manifestation. There is nothing but this Aware Space and it is ever evolving manifestation.

The third experience took this further and revealed that the act of folding, bending, contracting etc. was the secret to specifically how the One manifests as the many, how Mind manifests as matter, how Heaven and earth are related, even how man and God are related. The fold was revealed to be the ultimate and most elusive mystery to all mans age old questions about who we are, how did we get here and where are we going? One elegant process naturally and effortlessly revealed the true nature of identity, creation and destiny.

After this last experience, I would spend the next ten years going back and forth between trying to find the right way to communicate what I had experienced and the feeling of being completely overwhelmed at the thought of putting it into words. Because the very basis of what I experienced was that ‘this is it’ or in other words, the physical world that we experience is actually an appearance of Truth itself, I was confident that the truth should be found in our sciences and religions. After all, these disciplines are ultimately based on observing reality whether it be our external reality or our inward reality. So, from time to time during those ten years I would search the internet for the scientists’ and worlds’ religions answer to mans most fundamental question of who are we and how did we get here?

So, after looking to science and religion for any clues that may explain my three experiences, it dawned on me that they did both offer a context but each for different reasons.  What I found was that advanced religious academics seemed to understand that the One manifests as the many. Not surprisingly, never found one who would attempt to explain just ‘how’ this magical feat was pulled off and continued to be  pulled off. Everybody seems to be satisfied that it is simply a mystery and therefore the subject is easily shelved or allowed to be shrugged off as a mere distraction. Meanwhile science seems to be greatly aware of the mysterious process that enables the One to manifest as the many. This, as I mentioned, I have labeled the ‘fold’.

But unfortunately, although science is well aware of the ‘folding principle’ in nature such as the curvature of space,  the contracting force of gravity, the vortex of a black hole, a folding universe to account for wormholes etc. , they are unaware of the profound implications of the ‘fold’ and why it is at the very center of all creation.  Religion holds a little piece of the puzzle and science is holding the other piece and they are both stare at each other suspiciously because they aren’t familiar with the part of the secret that the other has. I see both of them flirting with the same truth which is the Triunistic aspect of Reality but each of them are arriving at that truth form opposite directions.

For example, taking the Triunistic perspective into consideration, I could easily empathize with the position of the scientist, the religious and the everyday man.  Since I know Awareness or Aware Space to be the Supreme Source of all reality, I could say to the religious man that I also see that God is everything. There is nothing that is not God since God is eternal, infinite, and omnipresent.

Since I know that it is the function of Awareness is to become aware of itself through the power of attraction to itself, I could say to the scientist that I also see that all of manifest reality is a predictable mechanistic functioning of the natural laws of physics. There are only a variance in conditions and the reliable results of those conditions.

Since I know that, as an individual, I am the inseparability of Awareness (the religious aspect) and it’s functioning (the scientific aspect), I could say to the everyday man that I also see that we, as individuals are the intersection of mind and body.  That is why man is always, no matter what he admits to himself, both scientific and religious in nature. Our religious impulses correspond with the black bottom half the circle which is Mystery, Unmanifest, Void etc. Our scientific impulses correspond with the white top half of the circle which is the known world, the manifest, the finite etc.

There are always extremes but even the extremely religious man would have to admit an interest and perhaps awe as far as the functioning of the physical universe even if he wants to refer to that functioning as ‘intelligent design’.  And likewise, even the most extreme scientific man, would have to admit an interest and perhaps awe at the sense of ‘self’ that he experiences even if he regards that sense of self a ‘neurological reaction’.  But, I think most of us find ourselves right in the middle, completely mystified and ultimately unsatisfied with the answers that both camps are providing us separately.

As far as sharing my Triunistic perspective that it is the fold that makes the One manifest as the many, I suspect that it will perhaps be easier to convey this understanding to the astute religious seeker, specifically of the ‘nondualist’ variety. The reason being that the nondualist studies Awareness and therefore is familiar with qualities of Awareness, namely its eternal quality. Once it is recognized that Awareness is eternal and therefore not subject to causation, the rest of the entire history of the Universe naturally and necessarily follows from this original truth.

What is interesting and perhaps telling about the scientist’s inquiry into truth, is that what ultimately confounds scientists the most is none other than, yes that’s right, Awareness. Studying the essence of man, neurologists have been able to map out virtually every aspect of the human dynamic, however, the one area that they are no closer to understanding now than they have ever been is Awareness. Awareness or ‘consciousness’, as the preferred word of the scientist, is known as the ‘hard problem’. In other words, there is no accounting for ‘consciousness’ with our current understanding of the brain, which incidentally is profoundly vast and thorough, making it even more impressive that it still eludes scientists.

Also, when we study the nature of the physical world that man ‘appears’ to inhabit, physicists have also been able to map out virtually every aspect of the universe but the one area that confounds their studies is, yes that’s right, Awareness. The most advanced physicists have delved so deeply into the nature of matter that they have found themselves deep in the rabbit hole of recognizing the observer effect on the very matter that they are studying.  It seems all too obvious that it is Awareness that confounds the scientist at all turns just as it is the process or functioning of Awareness that confounds the religious man.

So, my point isn’t to say that I have solved the riddle of existence but rather that the scientist and the religious man have already solved it. If only we can get these guys to come together. We can see the modern scientist’s contribution to solving the riddle in quantum physics and their only shortcoming seems to be mistaking Awareness to be an effect rather than the causeless cause.  Likewise, we can see ancient religions contribution to solving the riddle in the concept of the Triune and there only shortcoming is to be satisfied with the explanation that it is a mystery rather than trying to explain the infinitely complex implication of the invagination process.

Then again, you cant blame the religious man because it is not necessarily his domain to understand let alone explain the process. And likewise, you can’t blame the scientist for not understanding the nature of Awareness because that is not the domain of his research.  But it is the everyday man that finds himself at the apex of Awareness and its mechanistic process. Although I have the utmost respect for scientists, I can’t claim to be one and I don’t wish to paint myself as anything other than a fan of science. Also, I have the utmost respect for religion, but I do not wish to paint myself as anything other than a fan of religion. As for the ‘average man’, that is all I ever claim to be. Given this, I am only beholden to truth and I see it in both sides of the circle.

Originally, there is only eternal aware space. Awareness invaginates from the power of attraction to create duality. Bottom half of circle represents Aware Space alone, the original, eternal, undifferentiated, infinite, permanent etc.  The fold in the middle represents the function of the original aware space which is to be aware. The top half of the circle represents the resultant duality which naturally arises from this inherent folding process.

Since the top half of the circle is only a reflection of the original, it will be a mirror image copy of the original. Therefore every quality of the original in the bottom half will manifest as a mirror image, or its opposite in the top half. For example the quality of being eternal will manifest in the top half as being temporal or having the quality of time which is the opposite of having the quality of being eternal. Likewise, the bottom half quality of being undifferentiated will manifest in the top half as being differentiated, the world of the many. Infinite will manifest as finite. Permanent manifests as impemermanent. Etc.

The proof of this is asserted every moment of every day in nature by virtue of the fact that everything in nature is asymmetrical just as this dynamic with the 360 circle.  The clearest example would be the rib cage or the nodes of plant where one side is a copy of the other but always slightly off.  A more challenging example is the spiral shape that is found in every level of nature from our dna to the spiral galaxies. The spiral shape is also mans earliest religious symbol which makes perfect sense when you consider that the spiral is the natural result of a folded or curved asymmetry.