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Is it possible to map the directions to a Void? Is it conceivable that one can point to the abyss? Just maybe it can be done and here is how I propose to do it. It starts with the recounting of my personal quest for ‘Spiritual Enlightenment’, which can also serve as a roadmap for any human being who takes the spiritual journey seriously.

This story centers on the peak period of my spiritual journey just after returning home from a weeklong meditation retreat at the world renowned ‘Monroe Institute’. I had been home less than a week after attending one of their advanced programs when without warning I began to have profound Visions while living out my day to day life. I could be taking a walk with my wife and daughter or going about my daily routine at work, when I would find myself spontaneously thrust into a vastly more expansive perspective which placed my entire world in a wholly new context. These Visions were progressive in nature as they clearly and pointedly demonstrated the Grand Design of Reality.

Some of these Visions were existentially devastating and some were downright terrifying, as they exposed the true nature of the ‘self’. Others were so blissful that they could only be tolerated for brief moments. Ultimately, they coalesced to reveal a model of Reality that is as elegant in its simplicity as it is mind numbing in its implications. In this book I outline a play by play account of how four of these Visions shaped a new understanding regarding the true architecture of Reality and how this understanding resolves one of our greatest philosophical paradoxes, the relationship between mind and matter / God and the world. Given the universal nature of these experiences, you will be able to verify each truth for yourself.

I wrote this book to demystify the subject of Enlightenment.  There are already many excellent books on the subject of Enlightenment otherwise known as ‘Nondual Wisdom’ however,  what is missing is a book that chronicles the day to day, month to month, and year to year unfolding of the Self in detail. This book is a very personal account of an incredibly impersonal process broken down step by step and presented almost in slow motion. The reader is invited on a journey that chronicles each step along the path to Enlightenment. The details of the climactic experience itself and the finally understanding that results from undergoing such a radical and permanent shift in perspective is where I intend to lead you.

It is also my hope that this book will serve to demonstrate how the experience of Enlightenment is not something mythical or a fable belonging to some other time or place but an actual shift in perspective that is available right here and now to anyone that is curious enough to explore the true nature of ‘being’. I speak to you from the point of view that we are all sharing the human experience and when we explore the depths of our minds we find the same treasure awaits us all. The fact that I am a husband and a father with a full time career stands as proof that you don’t have to choose between a worldly life and Enlightenment.

Through out the book you are offered a number of opportunities to verify for yourself some of the subject matter as it is being discussed. To be true to my story, I will rely mostly on my personal journals that are individually dated and appear in italics while my current narration will appear in font. And so it begins…