About Reality Publishers

Reality Publishers was established in 2012 as a conduit for the formal investigation into the fundamental nature of Reality. The study of Reality, is a response to man’s deep-seated need to understand the mysterious yet ordered world that he finds himself inextricably woven into. The study of Reality is not limited to the study of the outward world but it is also the study of the very space or capacity that the entire world exists in. The study of Reality exists to resolve the paradoxical relationship between Mind and matter, God and man, Heaven and earth, or generally speaking; the Absolute and the relative.

The debut of Reality Publishers is the ‘Reality Explained’ Trilogy. Book One of the trilogy; “Enlightenment: Behind the Scenes” is a personal and detailed account of Reality revealing its true nature and its process for creating the appearance of a world. Book Two will focus on the day to day details of what it is like to live in the world while knowing that you are not of it. Lastly, Book Three will be a thorough and exhaustive examination of the actual architecture or design of Reality.

Book Two, “Being while knowing that you are not”, will be available in 2013 from Reality Publishers.